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pond.jpgEco Hatchery is hatching green homes by making it easy for residents to conserve energy & water, lower utility bills, and shrink their carbon footprint.

Cutting through all the green "noise" that often stops well-intentioned people in their tracks, we created a series of Eco Kits. Inside are energy efficiency and conservation products that have a significant and measurable impact on improving the carbon footprint at home, where energy use accounts for over 20% of all the carbon dioxide generated nationwide.

An educational handbook describes the rationale, process and time needed for the kits' energy-saving activities. Users track their progress online and generate personalized Home Energy Roadmaps with additional recommendations specific to their household. 

To see how your current lifestyle choices, from travel to diet, impact the environment, we encourage you to try the carbon calculator.

You can also join forces with others and work toward a common goal through your own Eco Community. As you and other members reduce, reuse and recycle, the community's carbon footprint will shrink and you'll experience firsthand the power of collective action.

We encourage you to contact us to explore collaboration in your community.

Every year, the average American is directly responsible for over 11.2 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, pollutants that are responsible for global warming.