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Eco Hatchery serves public and private organizations, from schools and employers to municipalities, associations and utilities. We are available to assist you whether you are organizing a green team meeting, launching a full-scale sustainability program, or simply ordering a few co-branded Eco Kits for clients.



Choose the products, software and services that best meet your needs. For turn-key residential energy efficiency and conservation programs, refer to the next section.


NEW ENERGY-SAVING MOBILE PHONE APP: Light Bulb Finder is a free mobile phone application that makes it easy to find the right energy-saving light bulbs for your home. Choose which bulbs to replace based on financial savings and environmental impact. Buy bulbs via the app on your mobile phone or at local retailers. For more information and free download, visit our site: www.lightbulbfinder.net


CARBON CALCULATOR: Eco Hatchery's proprietary carbon calculator measures the carbon footprint of individual households and entire communities. The calculator is designed to engage and educate users, equipping them to make informed decisions about how best to improve their environmental impact. The carbon calculator can be embedded affordably on your organization's web site with custom links to green resources that you specify, such as renewable power options, carbon offsets, and your local Climate Action Plan.


CO-BRANDED ECO KITS: Three types of Eco Kits are available: Eco Starter Kit, Energy Efficiency Kit and Green & Healthy Home Kit. All Eco Kits include conservation products, step-by-step illustrated instruction books, and web-based tools for tracking progress and prioritizing savings opportunities specific to your household. The kits can be co-branded at no charge for direct shipment to employees, clients and stakeholders. Please contact us for bulk pricing and to place orders with multiple shipping addresses. 


SUSTAINABILITY WORKSHOP MODULE: Eco Hatchery provides the curriculum and hands-on tools you need to offer sustainability workshops and deliver real dollar and environmental savings. The Sustainability Workshop Module enables you to present a one-hour session or series, provide DIY Eco Kits to participants, and monitor community savings online. The module can stand alone or be integrated into an existing curriculum for students, residents and employees. 


ON-SITE GREEN TEAM ORIENTATION: Eco Hatchery offers private, on-site workshops to help build your company's green team and gain employee commitment to sustainability initiatives. Please contact us for information and pricing.


ECO COMMUNITIES: Whatever the size of your organization, you can take advantage of Eco Hatchery's free online communities which enable members to calculate their carbon footprint and take collective action toward a common goal. To join or create a community, simply sign in and view all tools and features available on your Profile page.



Turn-key programs from Eco Hatchery expand the reach and accelerate the progress of sustainability initiatives. Programs are unique in that they combine education with tools for implementation, and a web-based platform for charting progress of individual households and entire communities. This combination enables employers, instructors and program managers to set goals for outreach programs and measure the milestones achieved in terms of energy, dollar, and environmental savings.


Core program components are DIY energy-saving toolkits, train-the-trainer sustainability workshops,  an educational carbon calculator, home energy roadmaps, and web tracking of household and community savings.


Sample Applications:


NEIGHBORHOOD-BASED: Provide comprehensive residential self-start program to households. Participants can attend neighborhood workshops/webinars and use the products in the DIY kits to implement easy energy-saving activities with long-term benefits. Online tools enable participants to identify and quantify additional energy-saving opportunities and learn about local resources and programs. Program managers use the easy web-based platform to track the progress of individual households and entire communities. Report energy and dollar savings, and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.


EMPLOYER-BASED: Educate and engage employees in sustainability practices and integrate into company culture. Train green department leaders, offer employee workshops, and track company-wide progress online. Use to raise employee awareness and boost participation in complementary programs such as recycling, water conservation, and rideshare.


SCHOOL-BASED: Provide train-the-trainer workshops to outline program objectives and integrate activity-based curriculum. Create online Eco Communities for each classroom and provide DIY toolkits to students to implement energy efficiency and water conservation activities at home and/or in their neighborhoods. Use the web-based platform to track individual and aggregate savings. Generate personalized home energy roadmaps for participating households.


ENERGY EDUCATOR NETWORK: Recruit residents and green community leaders to join a local network of Energy Educators. Provide certification to Energy Educators who implement a defined set of energy-saving activities in their own homes and mentor a minimum of four additional homes in their neighborhood. Each educator uses the easy web-based platform to track savings in their territory and share milestones achieved with program administrators.









The LIGHT BULB FINDER mobile app, developed by Eco Hatchery, is available for FREE download on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android phones. From your mobile phone, visit the iTunes App Store, Google Android Market, or Verizon's V Cast Store.

Use Light Bulb Finder to switch from conventional to energy-saving light bulbs. See how much you can save with energy-efficient lighting before you invest. The app displays the bulb image, price, savings, payback period, and environmental impact.

Buy energy-saving bulbs with the right fit, style and features via the app, or use the shopping list on your phone to find bulbs at local retailers. 

A practical tool for municipalities, utilities, schools and conservation groups, Light Bulb Finder can be used for home energy audits and integrated with rebate and coupon programs. Zip code level reporting on aggregate energy savings is available.

Learn more and download the marketing toolkit at: www.lightbulbfinder.net